Aleris reaches agreement to acquire Proxima Aleris.

Investor will provide SEK 750 m approximately. In equity. For 2011, Proxima’s annual income is estimated at SEK 1.0 bn. And EBITDA at around SEK 95 m. Synergies produced by the combination of the two companies are approximated at a complete SEK 30 m., of which SEK 20 m approximately. With full effect by the end of 2012. ‘The acquisition of Proxima can be strategically important for Aleris since it strengthens our placement in the Swedish and Nordic markets. Through the acquisition, we broaden our providing in specialist care and strengthen our positions within major care and local healthcare solutions. Proxima also adds brand-new competencies when it comes to primary treatment rehabilitation and occupational health.Populations.20 The rs9277534G allele is connected with high expression of HLA-DP, and the rs9277534A allele is connected with low expression. These data claim that information about the regulation of HLA expression levels may increase our knowledge of the function of HLA in disease. We previously identified a link of rs2281389 with severe GVHD and replicated this finding within an independent validation cohort.21 The rs2281389 variant resides in a noncoding region of DNA and consequently is unlikely to be a direct mediator of GVHD. Located only 4989 bp from HLA-DPB1, rs2281389 is strongly connected with rs9277534 in the HLA-DPB1 regulatory region. The close relationship between rs2281389 and rs9277534 across haplotypes makes the rs9277534 expression variant a plausible marker for the chance of GVHD.