After propensity-score matching.

All occurrences of AF were confirmed by the statements data. To guarantee the diagnostic validity, just sufferers with an inpatient AF medical diagnosis or at least 3 consensus AF diagnoses at outpatient departments were included. The date of the end-point event was defined as the index date.Medications and co-morbiditiesRAS blockers make use of records were retrieved from outpatient and inpatient statements database. The prescription dates and the amount of supplements per prescription were collected. Patients were split into RAS blockers users group and nonusers group according to their ACEIs and ARBs make use of between January 1, 2001, and the index day , december 31 or, 2011.Protozoal infections were identified in 2763 refugees , nematodes in 1975 , and schistosoma species in 406 . Among the 4370 untreated refugees, 20.8 percent had at least one stool nematode and 3.1 percent had multiple nematodes . The most frequent pathogen was hookworm , accompanied by trichuris , ascaris , and strongyloides . Among 22,586 albendazole-treated refugees, just 4.7 percent had one or more stool nematodes and only 0.2 percent had multiple nematodes.