After Peli these results mean that enhancement levels are selected

After Peli these results mean that enhancement levels are selected, will be acceptable to most people, simplifying the type of device required. Peli see a little box any television be attached to any television and would offer only a few enhancement settings, so it is less expansive and less complicated to use . An international technology company, has recently video enhancement video enhancement cable product RazorVision, the video for normally sighted viewers increases.* DigiVision, the company that developed Belkin device and holds a patent pending on the technology, in creating a different version of the product for visually impaired viewers on results from this and other image studies by Peli and his colleagues,* Video Enhancement Cable.

Although not part of the study results, Peli says that people with normal vision that have been exposed to these enhanced video not see it as interference in their joy to look at. ‘a matter of fact a matter of fact, it usually seems the image the image has been enhanced,’he says. ‘This means that the blind and their family and friends with normal eyesight could enjoy television together.

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