Advanced Existence Sciences awarded $244.

The taxes credit is targeted to tasks that show an acceptable potential to: develop new treatments that address unmet medical needs or chronic and acute diseases; reduce long-term healthcare costs; represent a significant advance in finding an end to cancer; progress U.S. Competitiveness in the fields of lifestyle, biological, and medical sciences; or create or maintain well-paying jobs, either directly or indirectly. The total award granted to the Company was $244,479.25 which represents the utmost allocated amount per qualifying task..Additionally, AHF associates will be present for the entirety of the World Out Games distributing about 30,000 condoms and 5,000 safer sex packets comprising condoms and lube. AHF is usually partnering with regional community-based firm SENSOA Belgium to refer anyone who testing positive for HIV to instant care. SENSOA representatives will also help AHF distribute condoms and safer sex packets in region gay bars through the event. Bart Abeel, the chairman of the global world Out Games, on July 30th that more than 20 announced at a press meeting,000 folks from 25 different countries are anticipated to go to Antwerp for the event.