Acute pancreatitis: An interview with Viktor Oskarsson Interview conducted by April Cashin-Garbutt.

What can cause acute pancreatitis? The significant reasons are usually alcohol and gallstones abuse. In addition, several less common causes have been proposed; for example certain medications, attacks and surgical complications. Your recent research shows that acute pancreatitis may be staved off by a diet rich in vegetables. Can you explain to us how you think this prevention works? We discovered an inverse association between vegetable intake and risk of acute pancreatitis. This association was similar for men and women. Being an observational research , the precise molecular mechanisms are unclear. The probably mechanism can, however, become ascribed to the antioxidant content material of vegetables.Over the course of the scholarly study, two patients who presented to the same study site at the same time were given the wrong study drug: one patient randomly assigned to get placebo instead received ecallantide, and something patient randomly assigned to get ecallantide instead received placebo . One patient in the ecallantide group was lost to follow-up following the full day 7 visit. Outcome Measures At 4 hours after study-medication administration, the median treatment outcome score was 50.0 for the ecallantide-treated group and 0.0 for the placebo-treated group .50 to 0.00 to 0.00) in the placebo group .