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$70 million boost will help fight AIDS in Kenya Kenya has been given $70 million from the Global Fund to fund programmes providing antiretroviral drugs to people coping with HIV. According to the latest government figures, the east African country has an estimated 1.3 million people living with the virus regardless of the prevalence for AIDS dropping from 14 % in 2000 to 6 stendra 100mg .9 % in 2006. In June this season Kenya’s President Mwai Kibaki promised the government would begin providing free ARVs to authorities hospitals and health centres, and currently 120, 000 people are receiving the life span prolonging drugs.

It teaches you as well your loved ones the value of meals and self-reliance security. You can enjoy this venture as a spare time activity and a way to obtain physical activity, which plays a part in the maintenance of mental health. As a means of producing your own personal contribution, it is a delightful way to earn extra cash. Listed below are some techniques which you can use in plotting out your organic farming venture: 1. Avoid the usage of chemical substance inputs – In organic farming, no chemical products like herbicides, pesticides or even fertilizers are used. Plants are permitted to grow without the intervention of chemicals allowing for secure handling from farm to plate guaranteeing a nutritious and healthy yield. Furthermore, because no chemical substance inputs are utilized, it means large cost savings for farmers while keeping the environment safe.