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New Data Show Sustained 5-Year Benefit Of Neupro for the symptoms of restless legs syndromeAbout Restless Leg Syndrome – is Restless Leg Syndrome dapoxetine side effects alcohol .

The study looked at improvement in symptoms at the International Restless Legs Syndrome Study Group Rating Scale is based. The total IRLS score ranges from 0 to 40 . A score of u003e 20 indicates severe RLS. The mean IRLS* score was 27.8 at baseline, improved by 18.7 points to 9.0 at the end of of the study. Sustained improvements the the quality of life and other RLS rating scales. And majority of adverse events were mild intensity, the most frequent side effects as reactions at the application site , nasopharyngitis , back pain , nausea and fatigue moderate . Thirty % of patients discontinued the study due to an AE.

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