Abortion rights groups have also turned to online media http://slimex.biz.

Abortion – rights groups have also turned to online media, including text messaging and social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and YouTube to gather supporters. Naral Pro-Choice America launched an online video that personal decisions, viewed since about 30,000 times on YouTube, and both Naral and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America have online clips of celebrities discuss the importance of abortion emphasizes wrote http://slimex.biz . Naral president Nancy Keenan said: ‘All of these new tools are crucial for engaging activists. ‘She added that recent online antiabortion – rights videos too hard to be won over large numbers of ,, the problems that most people say a significant change inant, such as preventing unwanted pregnancies or maintaining the health of women is not just. According to the Journal Naral and Planned Parenthood videos have received far fewer hits than the antiabortion – rights groups, campaigns, and ‘some longtime analysts say the abortion policies of the right online campaign seems to be having an impact. ‘Alesha Doan, a political scientist at the University of Kansas and an abortion – rights supporter, said: ‘Certainly, there’s a sermon – in – chorus effect, but I do not think you are discounting the effect on society over time. The Journal will examine the psychological, spiritual, and therapeutic aspects of human-nature relationships, concern about environmental issues and responsibility for protecting natural places and other species. Is is also provocative articles such as ‘Mindfulness and Sustainable Behavior: It is not Effortless Being Green’, ‘Nature and Self: An ambivalent attachment ‘, ‘Too Many People: Psychology, Population and the Environment’and ‘cohabitating with the wild. ‘.

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