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AMERICA of America, like the majority of modern nations, is a national country accelerating towards agricultural collapse accompanied by mass starvation. At so many levels, its present-day patterns of consumption, resource extraction and environmental exploitation are physically unsustainable. But one area that merits special interest because of its imminent collapse is the subject of water security. America has historically possessed a lot of drinking water to grow enough crops to feed not only its citizens but also export substantial levels of grain to the rest of the world. But that’s about to change. Cheap drinking water is working out, and with it goes food production, food protection and the ability for a country to feed itself.Because of its sugar content material, pasta causes one’s sugar levels to spike. However, the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that vinegar can reduce these glucose spikes. Cool pasta salads with vinegar dressing work well. 4. Skim milk and bananaWant more powerful bones, have some skimmed milk and bananas. Dairy products are full of calcium. Bananas help with calcium absorption and can create healthy and strong bones. Get one of these smoothie with bananas and milk and add some oatmeal for bulk.