A report by the World Health Organisation.

A report by the World Health Organisation , approximately 170,000 million people worldwide are chronically infected with HCV – a leading cause of liver disease and liver transplant. Research shows that only 20 percent of develop HCV – cirrhosis, but fibrosis progression remains highly unpredictable. A recent study identified a genetic variant in PNPLA3 gene associated with fatty liver , and was also found to influence the severity fibrosis in non – alcoholic fatty liver disease.

To 5.2 million says country cases of HIV infection are underreportedIndia’s Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram on Wednesday at a ceremony said that HIV cases ‘underreported and underdetected ‘are in the country, Reuters recognizes that reports. India recognizes that HIV / AIDS is a ‘serious problem’, and the country is ‘not in a state of denial anymore,’Chidambaram said.CONTACT Inc.:. Marks Shwartz, News Service:COMMENT: Steven Block, discovery that of Biological Sciences and Applied Physics:’Sequence – resolved detection of pause by travel stranded RNA polymerase molecules ‘by KM Herbert et al. Be published in the June issue of by Cell.

Then establishes then builds a new complementary RNA strand related to chemical copying , the gene of a base at a time. RNAP further moving it along the DNA strands to. The entire gene sequence to the coded RNA, which is then transcribed as a template for the construction of the actual protein – Nanotechnology In order observe bacterial RNAP in action, bloc and his colleagues have, to use a custom-built optical trap stored in their Stanford Labor. The sensitive instrument allows researchers to order to observe transcription in real time by intercepting individual molecules DNA and RNAP in minutes beam infrared light. 30 minutes to measurements are accuracy of one tenths of a nanometer – the width of a single hydrogen atom, bloc explained. When you study for a RNAP enzyme on this scale, you discover that it moved along said DNA for a while, and will for no reason is seems to stop.