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No. 031202) by the AOAC Analysis Institute across four key food matrices. The kit has been authorized for the identification of Salmonella in foods that are being among the most common carriers of the possibly lethal foodborne pathogen; whole chicken, ground poultry, ground lettuce and beef. The Company’s Salmonella Food Safety Kit previously received PTM qualification for the recognition of Salmonella in grains . The award follows independent laboratory studies conducted by Food Safety Net Solutions . The AOAC Performance Tested certification tag is more popular by a variety of organizations and government agencies and is awarded to products that have passed unbiased and rigorous evaluation. We are very happy to offer this new level of portability and effectiveness to testing for Salmonella and additional pathogens such as Listeria monocytogenes.P values of 0.05 or much less were considered to indicate statistical significance. Statistical analyses were performed by using SAS software, version 9.3 .1 The baseline features of the individuals are listed in Table 1Table 1Baseline Characteristics of the Patients. MYD88L265P tumor mutation status was established in all 63 individuals, and CXCR4WHIM tumor mutation status was determined in 62 patients. MYD88L265P was within 56 individuals , and CXCR4WHIM was within 21 patients . CXCR4WHIM mutations included nonsense mutations and frameshift mutations . All individuals with wild-type MYD88 had wild-type CXCR4, a finding consistent with prior results.3,7 No significant baseline distinctions according to MYD88 or CXCR4 mutation status were observed, except for an increased incidence of adenopathy among individuals with wild-type CXCR4 than among those with CXCR4WHIM , a finding in keeping with previous observations.7 The median duration of treatment was 19.1 months .