5 of the most extreme ways to lose weight!

Do not follow them!

The drug Cialis and Adcirca provides the appearance of an erection within 36 hours in the presence of an exciting factor immediately after admission, without any “rest”. Another great advantage of generic cialis is that it does not interact with alcohol, and therefore in the case of their mixture there will be no toxic emissions into the human body. Before the New Year, nothing is left! Therefore, simple human ways to get oneself into shape will not help anyone. Some try inhuman ways. But it’s better not to repeat it!

Jesse, a psychiatrist, a candidate of medical sciences, an expert in the correction of eating behavior. All these methods are my “destiny” as a psychiatrist. It is pointless to comment on them, because the absurdity and danger of each one is beyond doubt. However, I would like to warn those who want to lose weight and from more “soft” methods such as “absolutely harmless” Chinese tablets, which contain such a dose of psychotropic substances that the withdrawal syndrome requires the intervention of both ordinary doctors and a psychotherapist. In general, a harmonious life is a healthy life. And do not be in pursuit of her lose common sense.

The language in the cage

Previously, it was a joke that you just need to sew your mouth for weight loss. Apparently, we are moving in this direction: we have already learned how to implant a small plastic grid into the language. According to rumors, the invention belongs to a Californian doctor, but there is no exact information on this matter.

The grid in the language excludes any possibility of eating normal food – this is elementary painful. Therefore, those who undergo surgery switch to broths, smoothies and juices, hoping that they will not get fat on them. A month later, when the net is removed, you are as slender as Apollo. And hungry, like an elephant! So you strive to “eat” everything that you missed in a month. In short, the effect is, but very short-term. Especially for such torment!

Cotton stomach

Eating cellulose in capsules to take her stomach, is not a very pleasant method. And not everywhere you will find it, this cellulose. But cotton wool is everywhere. From cotton balls roll down, urinate in sweet syrup or juice and voila! – Dinner is served. Five or six balls at a time – and you will not want a normal meal. Yes, and not be able to.

Data on how from the “wadded” then extracted cotton – not for gloss.


  • Lose weight “on worms” – the idea is not new. Moreover, the beauty industry (about health here speech is not present) for a long time has thought up how to give to this process simplicity and aesthetics. You buy two tablets: in one parasite, and the another is for killing its poison.
  • Doctors and just sensible people sounded the alarm, resting on the fact that worms poison the organism of their “carrier” with the products of vital activity. Those who want to lose weight were not at a loss and attracted other leeches – leeches. They allegedly suck “bad” blood and fat. Although in fact it is not so: leeches only help to get out of the body of excess fluid, other effects are not proven.
  • So, especially smart losing weight inwardly add to the worm, and on the outside they cuddle with leeches. To be sure!

Food is not in the mouth

And where, you ask. In the nose, the American doctors answer. Yes, yes, through the tube (probe) – strictly on the clock balanced mixtures. No harmful carbohydrates and fats, only useful substances and only the necessary amount of calories. It is not comfortable. It is expensive. In the end, it’s ugly! By God, a fat priest looks more attractive than a tube in his nose … But if you do not look for easy ways, you can, of course, take a chance. 7-9 kg in 10 days will be lost.

Our “answer Chamberlain” – enemas with meat! That is, the broths are not poured into the mouth, but into the opposite hole. And even with a quick effect – you lose weight. If you are willing to give up on atrophy of the stomach and intestinal mucosa as a minimum. And the constant bleeding from … mmm … a new “mouth” for food. And the inevitable disturbances of the psyche.

“Wand” for slenderness

One Russian blogger suggested infecting those who want to lose weight with tuberculosis – it was such a joke. Like, where did you see the fat consumptives? Guaranteed method and one hundred percent!

Who would have thought that today in this joke is such a part of the truth that it takes fright. Naturally, no doctor will ever infect you with tuberculosis. But fat people are very cunning, dodgy and disingenuous! And tuberculosis, alas, is very contagious. Therefore, a certain amount of sputum smear, used inside, almost guarantees you harmony. Yes, and severe treatment for tuberculosis. Probably, lifelong.