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We found that after 15 days of dosing AZD6244 AZD6244 at times when concentrations of the drug in the blood at the lowest level between doses pERK were continued at the lowest concentration, 400 nanograms of the compound per microliter of plasma still corresponded. 35-44 35-44 percent inhibition of pERK, said Prof.

.. Finished Altogether, 39 of 57 patients had at least one cycle of treatment with AZD6244. After completion of the second cycle, 19 had remained stable for five or more months . Two patients, one with thyroid cancer gets and the other with melanoma, continue treatment with AZD6244 after one year. Sixteen of the 20 patients with melanoma completed at least one cycle of treatment. Twelve had stable disease after completion of cycle two, with stable disease persisting for at least 5 months in six patients . – Prof Adjei said: This drug shows promising results It seems to be able to cancer targeted with over activation of MEK and associated cell signaling pathways in an efficient manner Moreover, it is easy to tell the patient, as there will. Comes in an oral formulation, which can be swallowed as a result of a number of phase II clinical trials in patients with melanoma, pancreatic, lung and colorectal cancer been initiated .

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