2010 AAO-MEACO meeting targets genetic medicine Oct.

Costs associated with treating the most common type of glaucoma right now exceed $3 billion. Genetic screening could help catch glaucoma early on, so patients could possibly be tracked and treated in time to save their sight. Janey L Wiggs, MD, PhD, of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, said genetic testing is currently capable to indicate the presence of or risk for a number of types of glaucoma. Heredity takes on a significant role in the condition. Blood or cheek cell samples would be collected from sufferers and appropriate family, and selected genes will be sequenced then, said Dr. Wiggs. We can identify markers for congenital glaucoma, early onset primary open angle glaucoma, and normal tension glaucoma, as well as several other conditions that boost glaucoma risk, she added.Other Marketplaces include developed markets, such as Western Japan and European countries, and other emerging marketplaces globally. Sales in this geographic segment reduced 4.6 % on an operational basis. As expected, sales in developed marketplaces were negatively impacted due to the carry-over effects of 2012 European austerity actions and Japan NHI pricing actions. Performance in these countries is certainly expected to improve through the second half of 2013 as these pricing and austerity actions are expected to have a less significant impact on year-over-year comparisons.